Cloud Solutions

Have you ever thought how all the IT organizations run? What are the resources they are using? Where do they store the data? Each and everyone have this doubt. And the answer for this is; In olden times, every firm would have its own infrastructure and platform to run its software and other resources. But this lead to a high maintenance and are exorbitant. So to avoid these issues "Cloud Services" came into picture.

Cloud services are the services that are provided through internet to fulfill the demands of company or customers. Using cloud services a firm can cut off the need for infrastructure and a large space which is required to place its server that contains all the data regarding the firm. Instead of having their own servers and resources, nowadays companies are preferring cloud service platforms. There are some companies which provide cloud services globally. They're AWS(Amazon Web Services), Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, IBM Cloud, Alibaba Cloud etcetera.

Advantages of Cloud Platforms:

1 - Limiting Man power and Expenses: Previously to maintain the infrastructure and the physical resources for their own companies, corporations had separate staff to look after it and provide the maintenance services. The servers ought to be frequently checked by them. Cloud services replaced all the man power who are responsible for nurturing these services. The expenditure spent on the analysts for looking after the infrastructure are abstained. When Cloud services are provided, the companies got restrained from the expenses spent on other services.

2 - Flexibility and Availability: The cloud servers are present everywhere and are under the control of the providers. It became easy for companies to connect to the nearby server and pay to the specific services they need, be it a monthly or yearly package. All the technologies that a particular company need are accessible within the cloud service they opted. Thus, availability and flexibility of the organizations are extended.

Cloud services are available in three types. They are Saas, Iaas, Paas.

Saas: Software as a Service or Saas provides the software services in a rented manner. The company which require a software for particular project or for limited period of time, just pay the rent to the provider and utilize the service for limited period of time. This reduces the unnecessary cost that a company spends on buying that software for that instance. Some of the Saas services are project required tools, data management and backup etcetera.

Iaas: Infrastructure as a Service or Iaas provides an infrastructure for all the Saas services. Iaas also help in building firewalls, providing network resources, Data storage and Web application Servers. The need of installing the infrastructure required for any service by the company itself is now had overcome by Iaas as it acts as platform which implements the Saas tools.

Paas: Platform as a Service or Paas is a great platform for the developer to create apps using the services provided by the Cloud service provider like Operating system, Programming languages, and database for storage and retrieval. Many Iaas providers also offer Paas Services.

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